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Veijo Ronkkonen’s Sculpture Park

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In the south-eastern Finland, in the Koitsanlahti village there is an amazing and mysterious sculpture park created by local self-taught artist Veijo Ronkkonen. Guests meet dozens of concrete sculptures in the park that depict humans, animals and mythical characters.

Veijo Ronkkonen’s Sculpture Park in Finland

Veijo Ronkkonen's Sculpture Park

Veijo Ronkkonen’s Sculptures in Koitsanlahti village park, Finland

Veijo Ronkkonen was born in the Koitsanlahti village in 1944. He received no art education, and at age 17 began working at the paper mill. Ronkkonen bought a dozen apple seedlings from his first paycheck and planted them in the park. After work, he regularly went there, planted trees, shrubs, flowers and sculpted sculptures. It became his life’s work. The artist has spent half a century for the creation of the park.

When Veijo Ronkkonen was asked, what would be the fate of the park after his death, the sculptor replied that it was necessary fill the place with sand allowing it to keep millennial silence. He created the park for himself, and considered it a way of expression. This can be seen in the decisions that the author has chosen for his garden. He planted plants not according to a certain plan and design rules. He did what he had considered to be right. Sculptures also supplemented his personal attitude. They can be used to judge the inner world of the author’s attitude towards life and others.

It is difficult to count how many plants were planted by Veijo Ronkkonen, because most of them did not survive in the garden. He did not take care of them on purpose, but watched as they would be disposed by nature. Therefore, the entire park is a combination of nature and human’s activity. And yet, there is about five hundred species of plants the park, which the author planted to his liking. He dyed the buildings in this picturesque place in different colors, and landed the plants that fit harmoniously in color. Thus, he planted white anemones in front of the red walls of the house, and purple rhododendrons in front of green buildings.

During 50 years of work in the park Veijo Ronkkonen created more than five hundred sculptures. A range of children’s sculptures were made after the death of his mother. And there are around two hundred sculptures in another part of the park, united by the common name “Garden of yoga”. Veijo Ronkkonen practiced yoga from his childhood and could not leave aside this part of his life.

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