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Indian Man Planted 550 Hectares of Forest

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Jadav Payeng spent two thirds of his life to revive abundance in his native village. He plated a dense forest almost on a sandbank. As a child he saw how forests have suffered due to lack of wild animals and birds. And due to deforestation in the neighboring areas the situation became even worse.

Resident of India Planted 550 Hectares of Forest

Jadav Payeng, an Indian man, who planted a forest

Jadav Payeng, an Indian man, who planted a forest

When he grew up, he did not see understanding from family, friends and neighbors. And he was determined to fix the situation by himself. None of the locals helped him. None of them believed that this was possible.

Now his reserve has become home for rhinos, deer, elephants, Bengal tigers and many other smaller species. Thousands of birds found shelter in his new forest, which occupies nearly 550 hectares of Indian land.

Jadav planted his first tree when he was 16 years old, after seeing the death of wild snakes. It happened on the river due to lack of forest on the baking sun. The boy took the natural tragedy to heart and promised himself to do everything possible in his life to change the situation.

The forest, planted by Jadav Payeng

The forest, planted by Jadav Payeng

In forestry Jadav was said that his idea is illogical: it is impossible grow a forest on the sand. But the boy did not give up and gradually began to carry out his plan.

Jadav daily planted several dozen tree seeds with bare hands and watered them in the dry season twice a day until germination. It turned into his matter of life for our world’s benefit.

First, nothing grew except bamboo thickets. But gradually, with the appearance of the bamboo thickets, the soil has become suitable for other trees. Jadav resettled red ants to the place of his forest.

Now Jadav is almost 50 years old. And he continues to live in the reserve and take care of his forest.

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