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5 Green Buildings

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It is becoming more complicated to draw the line between nature and architecture. Modern buildings are going underground, hiding in the woods and turning green like a lawn. Ecological architecture is the most fashionable trend that is unlikely to go out of fashion in the next decade. In this article, we have chosen 5 eco-friendly buildings from around the world.

Ecological Architecture: 5 Green Buildings

Dietikon, Switzerland

Dietikon village in Dietikon, Switzerland

Casa de Retiro Espiritual

Casa de Retiro Espiritual project appeared in 1975. Argentine architect Emilio Ambash conceived it as an architectural “black box”, which symbolizes the end of art and access to the new spiritualistic reality.

But when thirty years later the house was built, it became the symbol of the new “natural” way of life. “House of privacy” was built in 2005, 25 miles from Seville at the foot of the Sierra Morena.

ACROS Cultural Center

Fukuoka, the largest port city in the southwest of Japan, is suffering from lack of space not less than Tokyo. So when in 1995 there was a question about the construction of a large cultural center, the only unoccupied space was a small city square with the size of two city blocks.

ACROS building demonstrates a new approach to greening cities. Greenery of the park continues to rise across the stepwise southern facade of the building, turning it into a terraced garden of Babylon.

Dietikon village

In 1993, almost ten years before the appearance of “The Lord of the Rings”, in the tiny Swiss town of Dietikon appeared a real Middle-Earth. Architect Peter Fech, who invented the first underground house back in the 1970s, built nine houses, each of which would have been gladly settled by a family of hobbits. But people also liked them.

Natural roof of soil and grass protects these homes from wind, rain and temperature changes, allowing you to spend significantly less energy. Therefore, they are virtually harmless to the environment.

Juniper House

A Swedish couple of architects from Murman Arkitekter has taken the path of “artificial landscaping”. Their small cottage on the island of Gotland, near Stockholm is completely lost in the dense thickets of juniper. To achieve this, they covered the house by plastic screen with a panoramic picture of the surrounding forest.

Organic Building

A building, which exploded the uniformity of the business district, appeared in the heart of Osaka, Japan’s second-largest city, in 1993. Its facade is decorated with a scarlet flower pots of different shapes and sizes, which are planted in almost all kinds of shrubs that grow in this climate zone.

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