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4 Projects of Modern Noah’s Ark

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We picked up 4 modern projects that recreate the legendary biblical vessel Noah’s Ark. Their creators say that the modern prototypes of the Noah’s Ark can save humanity from wars and people’s intolerance. Some of them are already implemented.

4 Projects of Recreating Legendary Noah’s Ark

Ark Encounter project in Kentucky, United States

Ark Encounter project in Kentucky, United States

Noah’s Ark in the amusement park in Kentucky, United States

Ark Encounter can join the list of the most unusual parks in the world in just a few years. Ark Encounter is planned to be built in Kentucky, U.S.  An American entrepreneur Ken Ham came up with an idea of creating a park in the biblical theme with a full-size New Ark as the main exhibit. However, he did not have personal funds for the implementation of such a large project so he decided to turn to the world for donation money.

The cost of the Noah’s Ark construction in the Ark Encounter is estimated at $ 24.5 million. And since the beginning of the campaign to collect donations Ham has raised almost 15 million. The initial capital has allowed to begin construction of the legendary biblical giant ship, which is expected to be completed in 2016.

Revenues from tourists’ visits of the Noah’s Ark will allow to continue the construction of the Ark Encounter amusement park, which will also provide visualization of other biblical stories. The total project cost is 260 million dollars.

Two arks in the Netherlands

While the Noah’s Ark in Kentucky may not appear until 2016, the Netherlands already has two giant vessels, construction of which was based on the biblical story of the Deluge.

Small Ark – Ark van Johan in the Netherlands

These objects, each of which is called Ark van Johan, were created by order of the Dutch creationist (a supporter of the Biblical view of creation) Johan Huibers. The theologian decided to show the world that the Noah’s Ark, in fact, could not exist in the embodiment described in the Bible.

The full-size ark Ark van Johan in the Netherlands

In 2007 there was a smaller version of the Noah’s Ark. And in 2011 a full-size Ark van Johan was built. It is available for visiting in the Dutch city of Dordrecht. Inside visitors can see the full-size figures of animals, which, according to the Bible, were brought on board by Noah to save them from the Flood.

Noah’s Ark in Hong Kong

Another successful reconstruction of the Noah’s Ark has existed since May 2009 in Hong Kong. The idea of a Christian theme park is already implemented in the city. The main element of the park is a giant ship. This project was carried out jointly by four major Christian organizations of the city.

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