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Unusual Swimming Pool Design Ideas

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If you are reading this post, we can bet that you want your swimming pool look stunning and outstanding. Right? Well, this is not impossible – chekh out our unique swimming pool design ideas, opt for one or what’s even better – combine several ones to make your guests and neighbors to turn green with envy on your unusual amazing swimming pool!

Unique Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Unusual pool shapes

Why not to opt for unusual pool shape like this butterfly-shaped pool, or build your pool in shape of guitar, lazy-l, kidney, and so on and so forth? Why to follow traditional standards for depth and proportions? Don’t be boring, be bold and choose some creative shape for your pool!

More greenth!

Want your swimming pool look like some paradise place or an oasis? Then use foliage like palm trees, flowers, and decorative plants! This will help you spend quality time at your swimming pool and enjoy its beauty and coolness.

Proper pool lighting

Lighting plays not the last role in creating a unique poolside. The best choice in pool lighting is fiber optic lighting – you can mix up various color schemes. You may want to spend some romantic evening with your second half, in this case you can set calming lighting option. But if you plan to hold a hot party, you can select some captivating color.

The “Baja” Steps

A baja step is simply a big rounded step that lets bathers enjoy the cool pool water without fully going into the pool. Don’t be afraid that the large step can take much space in the pool. Think about how greatly you can beat the heat when you wouldn’t like swim.

Swimming pool fountains and waterfalls

There’s no doubt that fountains and waterfalls both make a great pool view. A small fountain spraying water across the pool can create just amazing feature! Its murmurring sound helps you rest from annoying routine. Or imagine a rock waterfall that smoothly “feeds” your pool. Isn’t that cool?

Infinity edge pools – uniсity guaranteed!

Despite it’s a relatively fresh pool design trick, infinity edge pool is becoming more and more popular with many home owners. It looks as if the water surface stretches out into the horizon. Some pools are placed on a hillside and others are seated near a beachfront, but in both cases, the pool looks striking!

Beach-entry pools

Beach-entry pools are another creative design. There’s no steps or ladders, the pool gradually slopes down from the deck looking like a natural beach. The beach-entry pool is not just a great opprtunity for smart landscaping, but it’s also very functional – it’s safe for kids or very old bathers.

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