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These Lights Will Turn Your Pool Into Starry Sky

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I have a weird question for you, do you want to swim among stars? It’s not a romantic metaphorical question, nor am I talking about celebrities (God no!), and of course I’m not talking about actual stars made of plasma, that would be just silly. What am I talking about, well look at this picture and you’ll understand.

Now with lights and water, safety is a big concern. This is what actually attracted me to this idea in a first place. See, fiber optic is very different to any other type of lighting in a way that in their case light is emitted from a light box, which is located far enough from the water of your pool, all the while the light is translated through a sort of light pipe. This is the safest way to illuminate your pool by far.

Lights can be of any color although white is the most popular for it’s starry look. Of course, if you want to mix that with LED lighting, that is also possible. Beyond that, I let pictures do the talking.

Turn Your Pool Into A Starry Sky

Fiber optic lit pool

fiber optic lights

fiber optic lights

fiber optic swimming pool lights

fiber optic pool lights

fiber optic ceiling lights

An indoor pool can benefit from ceiling fiber optic lighting as well

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