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Swimming Pool Types

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Do you enjoy swimming and live in a climate with hot summer? Then you would be surprised that apart from in-ground and above-ground swimming pools there are many other different types of pools that can suit any purpose, and today we are going to discuss these types.

Pool Types For Every Purpose

Swimming Pool Shapes

Lap Pool by Crystal Pools, Australia

Lap Pools

This is an in-ground pool type. You could have seen a lap pool in a gym, however this type of pool is quite popular in private properties as well. It is a narrow long pool designed specifically for fitness swimming. However lap pools can also be quite amazing in a private sector if you have limited space available. Usual length of a lap pool can be between 45 and 60 feet with a minimum width of six feet.

Freeform Pool

Swimming Pool Shapes

Kidney Bean Pool

This is an in-ground type of pool and as you can guess from the name, it is characterized by a peculiar shape. One of the most common types of the freeform pool is a kidney bean shape. This type of swimming pool is usually used in tropic-inspired outdoors, with different landscaping features such as rocks, tropical plants that are used to highlight the thematic origin of the pool.

Portable Pool

This is an above-ground swimming pool that is quite easy to carry around and you could even bring it with you to the park. These pools are intended for many people, not only kids. This type of pool is actually a lot cheaper than most of in-ground ones.

Infinity Pool

Swimming Pool Shapes

Infinity Pool by Sadfie Architects, Singapore

This is also an in-ground swimming pool type that presents a very common site in various luxury hotels. The main feature of an infinity pool is that the edge of the pool merges with the horizon, creating the visual illusion of continuity, like a swimming pool merging with the ocean line. Infinity pools are winning their share of popularity as more and more owners of private residencies install these kind of pools.

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