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Swimming Pool Party Games

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Party! Party! Party! It has always been a great idea to have a swimming pool party. The swimming pools are often at the center of many events, and making use of the aquatic real estate with splashy decor and entertainment adds to the festive, warm-weather atmosphere. Pool games make the water more fun for kids and for adults as well!

Swimming Pool Fun

Swimming Pool Fun

Swimming Pool Party Games

Swimming Pool Volleyball

Swimming Pool Volleyball

If you are planning a pool party to celebrate the event, or just looking for some pool game ideas, look no farther. Here is the top 10 list of fun games to play in or by the pool.

Rope Pull Relay

A rope is strung or held above a stream or across a pool. The first player sits on an air mattress and must pull himself to the other side where the next teammate gets on the mattress and pulls himself back to the other side. This continues until all players on the team have gone. Which team is the fastest?

Boat Races

This crazy game will have everyone grinning. Have each person get into the pool at one end with a small plastic boat. They are going to race their boats to a predetermined finish line. The twist – they have to blow their boat across. If they touch their boats, it is back to the starting line for them!

Noodle Joust

Select two players to sit on a blow up raft in the middle of the pool. Give each one a pool noodle and have them joust with the noodles and try to get each other off the raft. The winner takes on the next player.

Watermelon Push Relay

This is a funny relay race for individuals or teams. Players must push a watermelon from one end of the pool to the other without touching the bottom of the pool with their feet.

Dress-up Relay Race

Divide the group into two teams. Equipment: two pairs of XL board shorts, two pairs of sunglasses, two straw hats, two beach bags, two beach chairs. Each team lines up in a row. Place chairs a reasonable running distance in front of each team or any distance, your space will allow. The objects listed above are placed into the beach bags and located with each team. The first runners dress in all of the items, run to the chair, return and take all of the items off again. The next players continue until the entire team has had a turn.

Wet T-Shirt Relay

This wet t-shirt relay is not the typical wet t-shirt contest. This wet t-shirt contest is fun and appropriate for all ages. All you need are two large t-shirts and two teams of pool party guests willing to play this fun and exciting game. Line up equal numbers of pool party guests on either sides of the pool. Give a wet t-shirt to the first person in line on each side. At the start of the game, the first person must put the wet t-shirt on over their bathing suit and swim to the other side of the pool. After touching the other side of the pool, the person must swim back, remove the t-shirt, and pass it to their team member who then must put it on and follow suit. The first team to complete this task wins the game.

Bobbing for Flip-Flops

Fill a large tub with water. Before the party, use a permanent marker to write either a 1, 2, or 3 on each flip flop and place them into the tub of water. Create three corresponding prize bags (grocery bags). Write 1, 2, or 3 onto the bags and fill them with candy bars, gum or other inexpensive items. To play: Two players at a time hold their hands behind their backs and they must use their teeth to grab a flip-flop. They then collect a prize from the bag that matches the # on the one they “caught”.

Flip Flop Fantastic

Every child gets one flip-flop sandal and has to search the yard for its match. The pair is a prize to take home.

Relay Races

Make up fun relay races for two teams of players to complete. Players take turns going from one side of the pool to the other doing crazy requests such as: swimming backwards, riding a pool noodle, walking on their hands, doing summersaults in the water, twirling, crawling on the bottom of the pool.

Rubber Duck Race

Using only their noses, players nudge a rubber duck from one end of the pool to the other.

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