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Swimming Pool Landscape Design Ideas

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Whether you already have a pool installed or are considering getting one, more than likely you’ll have areas around it that will need to be landscaped. Landscaping a pool area isn’t difficult, but you will have to consider the limitations of the planting area. You won’t have as much flowerbed space as you would if planting directly into the ground and there will be height and width limitations.

Smart swimming pool landscape design ideas

Visit homes that have a landscaped pool area to get better idea of what you can design for yourself. Ask what species of plants they have planted and what problems they may or may not have with them.

Measure your planting areas so you will have a better idea of what type of plants you will need. Write down the length, width and depth of each bed. If you have a pool fence or screen, note how close it is to the flowerbed.

Decide whether you want flowerbeds holding a single specimen plant with smaller plants around it or flowerbeds filled with a mix of different plant species and sizes. Consider how much maintenance you want to perform on the flowerbeds. Some plants will require regular trimming, while others will be almost maintenance-free.

Research how big each plant will be at its full-grown size before you plant anything. Compare this size to the size of the planting area and distance from the pool, as well as any walls or fences.

Figure out each plant’s growth habit and consider its suitability in growing in a pool area. Consider whether or not the plant sheds leaves, has thorns, multiplies or does anything else that makes it not right for a swimming pool flowerbed. Decide how many plants you will need to landscape the area. One-gallon plants will need to be planted approximately 1 to 1 1/2 feet apart and 3-gallon containers 1 1/2 to 2 feet. Four- and 8-inch containers will only need to be separated by approximately 6 inches.

Consider what type of dressing will cover the flowerbed such as river rocks, lava rocks, plain dirt or some other material. Don’t plant something that might crack your foundation or pool. Don’t plant something that might grow so big it rips open your screened enclosure. Be cautious planting spiked plants when children will be playing around the pool area.

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