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Swimming Pool as Outdoor Retreat

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Swimming pool is a great water feature for the outdoors. It’s not only a luxurious investment, but also a great area for socializing. While maintaining its basic purpose of providing the area for swimming, pools can become a social outdoor retreat if you organize it right.

Create a Swimming Pool Paradise

swimming pool paradise

Define the Landscape

First of all, you need to define the landscaping options of the poolside area. Consider the location and possible intervention in the landscape, this way you can imagine how the makeover would look like. If the swimming pool is located in the middle of the outdoor area, and has plenty of space around, you could build a deck around it. If it is located to the side of the property, you could further seclude it with greenery.

Add Socializing Features

In creating the outdoor retreat it is important to think about the ways of increasing the socializing potential of the outdoor area. Place some seating around the poolside deck, which could be in a form of a classy poolside bench or sleek outdoor furniture..

swimming pool paradise

Highlight the Beauty

If you see that certain angles of the swimming pool could be highlighted with details – do so. Among the features that could be of use are fountains, which could be recycled from old planters, a waterfall feature with an adjacent raised bed with greenery and others.

Urban Outdoor Retreat

If you don’t have an opportunity to install a big luxurious pool, perhaps having a small hot tub in a small enclosed urban outdoor area would make a functional retreat? Make sure that the urban retreat also has the socializing area as well as a multifunctional furniture set. Meanwhile, enjoy the inspirational swimming pool retreats we have compiled for you below.

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