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Small Swimming Pool Design Ideas

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Small swimming pool may not sound impressive but it surely can look impressive if you consider investing in the design rather than the size. After all outdoor space isn’t unlimited and some may not have enough to fit a deck, a garden, and a pool. Before you re-check your priorities though, let us show you how a small swimming pool can look like.

Small Pool Design Ideas

Narrow swimming pool

Sure if distances are important to you having a small swimming pool can be, well, frustrating. But if space allows you to have a long pool, why not just make it narrow? You’ll save space for a deck or a lounge area and you’ll be able to do laps without bumping into the other side of the pool before you even start.

If you’re not much of a swimmer but the blue and green of water allures you with its amazing cool a small swimming pool can be a great compromise for your backyard. You won’t have to get rid of your garden or a vegetable patch just to fit a pool into the area. If you lack space opt for a wooden pool deck that will allow you to both enjoy the coolness of water and hang out with friends and family on the deck.

It is easier to clean a smaller pool as well as it is cheaper to sustain it. You’ll need less water and less electricity to keep it clean. You can also easily turn it into a pond if you decide you don’t want it anymore.

There are many ways to design a small pool from glamorous marble edging to natural stone tropical resort style. It can occupy almost any awkward nook and corner and be of any shape that would fit your vision and space. It will look charming among trees or it can be a focus of your backyard.

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