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Skimmer Vs. Overflow Pool

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Construction of swimming pools in private homes has become widespread. Artificial water reservoirs allow people to swim safely without the risk of catching any disease, unlike natural basins, which are located near cities and industrial sites. But a swimming pool is safe, when its design corresponds with the basic standards of pool construction and operational conditions. In order to make the right choice, you should know the main features and types of artificial reservoirs.

Skimmer and Overflow Types of Swimming Pool

Skimmer pool

Skimmer pool

Typically, companies offering pool construction, take care of all stages of the work – from design to commissioning. A customer can only determine the specific parameters and the type of the pool. So what do you choose?

Skimmer pool got its name from the device called “skimmer”, which draws water from the reservoir for cleaning and disinfection. Skimmer is located below the upper edge of the pool. This feature helps to distinguish skimmer pool from overflow one where the water surface is on the same level with the edge of the pool deck.

In small skimmer type pools the drawing of water for cleaning is performed from the top to bottom. Cleaned water is conveyed through nozzles located opposite the water intake. Thus, the movement of water in the bowl is horizontal. Number of skimmers are determined by the area of the pool. In general, one unit of water drawing accounted for 269 sq. ft. of pool surface.

Overflow pool

Overflow pool

Skimmer pools can be recommended for personal use or the needs of a closed group.

Construction of swimming overflow pools is more challenging compared to skimmer ones. Leaking water here does not go immediately to the treatment system, and initially is sent to the compensation tank. From there it moves to the pump for filtration and disinfection. Water is carried through the pool bottom nozzles, creating vertical movement of water. It is believed that this type of artificial reservoirs can achieve higher quality of water purification, therefore, designers tend to create overflow pools for public use.

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