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San Alfonso Del Mar – Largest Swimming Pool In The World

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There are sure a lot of amazing and beautiful pools that spring to mind, but none of them can compete with San Alfonso del Mar – the largest outdoor swimming pool in the world. It’s large enough to be seen from the satellite.

Largest Outdoor Swimming Pool In The World – San Alfonso Del Mar

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The enormous man-made swimming pool San Alfonso del Mar is located in a private resort in Algarrobo, Chile and has its own fake beach. It contains 66 million gallons (250 million liters) of water and holds a Guinness world record as the largest outdoor swimming pool in the world. It’s larger than 20 Olympic-size pools combined and you can actually sail boats on it. San Alfonso del Mar also holds a Guinness world record as the deepest outdoor swimming pool (115 feet).

Another amazing feature of San Alfonso Del Mar – the water in it has turquoise color of tropical seas. The pool’s creators, chilean company Crystal Lagoons has developed an advanced technology, which sucks water straight form the ocean and a special computer-controlled suction and filtration system that cleans it and fills the pool. The system also cleans the pool water before it goes back to ocean. Well, it’ s also the most expensive pool to maintain. It takes around 4,000,000 dollars annually to maintain.

It took five year to construct this humangous pool. San Alfonso del Mar has opened in December 2006. It has several sport schools with training classes on sailing, kayak, scuba diving, swimming, and ocean navigation. There are also lots of beach spas, pubs and bars (even special bar for teens) ice cream parlors, teashops, exhibitions, and cultural activity rooms. And did I mention that it has its own aquarium with more than 60 Chilean spieces? Everything to make an unforgettable family vacation.

Once you’d been there, you’d never want to leave this place. It’s a great resort for vacation. But be careful, in this pool a little dip can turn into marathon.

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