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Preparing Swimming Pool for Summer

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If you are looking for some information on how to prepare your swimming pool for use in Summer, Outdoortheme is a perfect place to start! Here we are going to discuss basics of how to prepare the swimming pool for the use in warmer times!

swimming pool preperation for summer

Swimming Pool Summer Preparations

After a long deep slumber, which winter has put you in, warmer weather is approaching, marking its way by the months and seasons. During the colder winter times your pool has been put off, and if you have winterized it now it is time to take off the covers. Here we are about to discuss the best ways to prepare your swimming pool for summer.

swimming pool preperation for summer

First of all, don’t get confused about the early beginning of the quest. Usually as soon as you see the first signs of spring and the weather is somewhat stable it is time to start preparations. Sure thing your swimming pool has a cover, however before removing it start with exploring the deck and the area near the swimming pool. Check if there are any cracks in the deck, or stains on the tile, inspect any possible thing that could go wrong: algae, leaks and other unpleasant problems.

swimming pool preperation for summer

Next step is to open the cover and see what is inside. Now, carefully remove the cover of the in-ground pool and inspect the water. If there is any debris, use a net to capture it and clean the water. However, some owners like to empty the swimming pool before the winter comes, so if it is a story with you, check the surface of the swimming pool before refilling it. Chances are that there are some minor cracks, which could lead to dangerous problems.

swimming pool preperation for summer

Lastly, inspect the electrical equipment, the pumps, and the machine, which chlorinates water if you have one and of course clean the filters. Before adding water to the swimming pool, make sure that you let the water circulate for a day or two, so you would know that the swimming pool is perfectly safe for your use.

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  1. Samantha
    October 1, 2013 at 4:11 am

    Love your photos! Think my top 3 are the umerbllas (both), the hat w/ January, and the kids with all their hats on. So cute. Love them! Enjoy the summer. We’re having our winter and got much needed rain today.