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Poolside Safety Guidelines

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Although activities in a swimming pool are rather fun than dangerous there are certain precautions that should be taken into consideration when swimming in the pool. Make sure that your family is safe while in the water with these simple poolside safety guidelines.

Water Safety In Swimming Pools

Poolside Safety

Kids in Swimming Pool

Keeping Up Chemical Balance

One of the essential things to consider regarding water safety in a swimming pool is to keep up the chemical balance. Chemical balance concerns the pH balance, which should be in ideal from 7.2 to 7.8. Other things to consider in chemical balance are alkalinity and calcium hardness. Don’t forget about maintaining the chlorine level, as it kill the unwanted microorganisms in the water. Clean water is essential for swimmers and protects them from water-borne diseases.

Depth Markers and Kids Supervision

Not everybody in your family maybe be a good swimmer, so it is essential to have water depth markers, as your swimming pool gets deeper and deeper. Another thing you can do is provide adult supervision whenever kids are in a swimming pool. Also, if you are concerned about the younger kids being in the pool, maybe you could first teach them how to swim, or let them attend the swimming lessons?

Poolside Safety

Swimming Pool Fence

Fencing and Pool Covers

If you have toddlers in your household who are just starting to explore the house, it is important to install a pool fence approximately up to 5 feet tall. This will protect small children from accidently falling into the pool without the adults knowing. Also pool covers can act the same way, capturing the kid falling into water right on the surface of the pool.

Pool Alarms

Pool alarms are detectors that usually monitor activity in the pool and register wave motion or detect pressure. The alarm goes off when something unusual is happening in the water. This is basically needed for children’s safety.

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