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Pool with Moveable Floor

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Imagine a swimming pool with moveable floor, which may have a stone, wood or ceramic surface on the top. Such structures are absolutely invisible in the yard or in the interior, while the moveable floor falls to the desired depth. Coating strength and reliability of hydraulic control allow you to use such floor not only as a bottom of the pool, but as any yard areas, including the area for the car.

Pool with Moveable Floor by Agor

Swimming pool by Agor

Swimming pool by Agor

This pool does not require additional space or interior courtyard for its construction, but also has many other attractive features:

– you can built a hydraulic lift tables or fountains in the floor

– lift control is as simple as pressing a button

– invisible pools are suitable for areas with different climates

– such pool can be used by people with limited mobility, who find it difficult to climb down the ladder or move through a side.

When lowering the floor, water penetrates up through the cracks. And invisible pool transforms into a bowl filled with water. Shape can be round or rectangular. And the maximum depth can reach almost 120 inches.

There is a unique pool with moveable floor, which is capable of forming a protective coating. It is designed, manufactured and installed by Agor.

Swimming pool by Agor

Swimming pool by Agor

Hydraulic system moves items of the moveable floor, which minimizes the risk of contamination by harmful substances. When the floor is completely lifted, the pool looks like an ordinary wooden platform capable of supporting hundreds of pounds. In other words, you can walk and run on this site without fear for your health. It can withstand even a dance party with all your friends. At the same time it is not possible to get to the water, which is hidden under a wooden floor. It makes the system much safer than conventional tents and covers for pools.

After pressing just one button, the floor will slowly go down. You can stop the process when you want to: the system does not necessarily have to go down to the end. Thus, if you need a half-meter deep pool for children, all you have to do is to stop the moving floor at the appropriate height.

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