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Aren’t you always ready for a great summertime pool party? Unfortunately, your home may not be! Summertime is the perfect opportunity to invite over your neighbors, friends and family, and enjoy the cool water and sunny days. While the mention of a pool party sounds inviting, it isn’t always stress free if you don’t have a plan in mind. Follow these tips to prepare your home for a summertime pool party, and help you enjoy the festivities at the same time.

How to plan a pool party

Before you send out one invitation or call to spread the news, ensure your pool area is ready for guests. This means ensuring your pool is clean and debris free from leaves, fallen branches and bugs. Ensure patio furniture is in good condition and you have ample seating for your guests. Ensure the pool deck, and walking areas are clear of all obstructions, and that your pool area shows off your outdoor home in its best light.

To ensure your pool party guests have all the amenities they need, you need to assess what activities they will partake in. Recreational activities that require equipment should be easily accessible, and ample room should be considered for multiple activities at the same time. If your pool area is small, consider limiting the large space activities, and have a variety of mingling and sit-down activities at lounge chairs and tables. Ask guests when inviting them if they have recreational equipment such as beach balls, pool volleyball net, and swim floating devices they bring of their own. This will ensure everyone has plenty to do.

Make a basket full of items that you think swimmers will need. It is a good idea to prepare essentials like towels, sunblock, lotion, perfume and cotton swabs for the swimmers. Create your own basket/plate out in the yard and bathrooms for easy access. Decorate the products with similar color schemes and scents. The schemes should match the overall atmosphere of the pool decorations. For those that need to wash off after swimming, make sure your bathroom is completely stocked with towels, shampoo, conditioner, soap and a hair dryer. Not only does your bathroom need to be stocked, but make sure it is clean. It’s not always comfortable for guests to shower at other people’s homes.

Keep your guests hydrated. With the sun shining and people sweating, it is easy for them to get thirsty. Keep cool water stashed in the shade or in coolers. You’ll be thankful later when people aren’t constantly asking you for water.

It wouldn’t be the same pool party without all your childhood munchies. How fun would it be to serve hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ice cream sandwiches and mini cupcakes to all your guests? You can add any food that reminds you of being a kid. To keep the retro theme going, add curly straws to all your drinks.

For the swimmers, put inflatable floaters like chairs, tables and balls in the pool. You can even add a net for a game of volleyball. These retro floaters are great for relaxation and games in the pool.

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