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Pool Ladders

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Pool ladders are available in aluminum, white vinyl, structural plastic, resin and stainless steel materials. Color choice does not vary much, since painting them is not viable. Some of them are lined with anti-skid material to avoid slips and falls. They come with easy assembling techniques and provide a few years warranty. They are available with outdoor equipment suppliers, hardware stores, pool accessories suppliers and on the Internet.

Swimming pool ladder tips

For in ground pools, ladders generally have 2-5 steps going towards the deck. The ladders could have a platform or could just land straight on the deck. The height and shape of the ladder should be compatible to your pool. Various types of ladders suitable to vinyl liner pools and concrete and fiberglass pools can be found. They need to be secured to the pool at both the upper and lower ends.

For above ground pools, A-frame shape ladders are commonly used for climbing into the pool. They need to be filled with sand or water to avoid floating in the pool. Very frequently they come with a platform at the top. Again, one must check the height of the pool, although a few inches are adjustable in most models. For these pool ladders, the weight of those using the ladder is a factor. For safety reasons, most of these ladders come with a padlock and an anti-entrapment barrier that inhibits trapping of children or swimmers between the ladder and the pool. For security reasons, some have a swing-up outer section that prevents unauthorized access to the pool. One can even find specially designed pool ladders for easy access by handicap persons. These would have steps arranged to allow easy entry by the handicapped or elderly.

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