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Pompous Poolside House

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A poolside house is a small indoor retreat created specifically for brief needs near the swimming pool. It can contain anything needed for good swimming relaxation from towels to poolside bar. New York-based designer Marshall Watson took the concept further and designed an incredible mini-scale elegant and pompous pool pavilion for the Missouri house of the Koman family.

Incredibly Elegant Poolside House

Pool Pavilion

Pool Pavilion By Marshal Watson

The main trick of this pool pavilion is that it is a mini-version of the original Koman’s family house. This creates a visual connection in the vast space of the family property. Taking inspiration in formal Georgian architecture, Watson has created this stunning mini version of the house:

The pool house’s limestone facade is almost a direct copy of the back facade of the house. I did elongate the arched French doors, however, so they’re much taller than those on the main house.

The house is rather formal with beautiful interiors inspired by Sweden decorating style. Inside of the structure there we can see ‘Lusthus’ – little pavilions that were built by Swedes on their properties to enjoy the sun. Although quite formal, the pool pavilion does have a rustic appeal with the wood clad façade. Although the interior of the poolside house is equipped with a pompous dining area, in front of the pavilion there is an open space suited for an outdoor eating.

I wanted the pool house to feel like a spa. The great thing is that we made this amazingly beautiful and dramatic pool house. It is both comfortable and elegant.

Well, this certainly was achieved. There are several rooms in the pavilion, including two bathrooms and changing rooms that have direct pathway to the pool. How convenient, don’t you think? The overall impression from the poolside pavilion is of a very formal structure for outdoor recreational activities, but it perfectly suits the mood of the whole residence. All pictures are taken via Traditional Home.

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