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Natural Swimming Pool Ideas

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Natural swimming pools, as opposed to regular ones, offer an eco-friendly water feature, while still being a good place to hang out. One of the main advantages of natural pools is of course its chlorine-free environment, where the water is cleaned by the plants. Here, you will find out the basics of natural swimming pools!

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Natural Pools Basics

The natural swimming pool is not only good outdoor water feature; it is a whole eco-system, with its drawbacks and benefits. One of the main benefits of the natural pool seems to be its eco-friendly environment, and the second  would be the visual appeal, which these water containers offer to the garden.

The first natural pools  appeared in 1980’s in Austria, where they were called Schwimmteiche. Actually, the first ever Schwimmteiche was built by DI Werner Gamerith, in a privacy of his own garden. Since then, the idea got very popular and now wins over the regular swimming pools.

The differences between the regular swimming pool and a natural one, beside the ecological value, are very drastic. The water in the natural swimming pool is greenish, while in the regular pool you would see crystal blue water. This is because the cleaning process is achieved with a help of plants. Then comes the form of the pool: it is not confined into strict concrete frames, instead there is a body, where people can swim and then there is shallow watem which surrounds it.

There are a lot of myths surrounding natural swimming pools. One of them is a high cost of maintenance. However, since there are practically no chemicals needed, the maintenance cost is really low. Another myth is regarding the aquatic system and the supposed dirtiness. But now we know that there is an actual swimming pool and a shallow area, where the plants are located. The plants of choice, should not be very exotic: simple cattails, water lilies, and duckweed will work perfectly. So, as you see, there is not very much basic info you should worry about, go on to explore the examples below!

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