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Mesh And Solid Swimming Pool Winter Covers

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Swimming pool safety covers, also called winter covers, save you money, but much more importantly they save lives. Safety covers keep children, animals, and even cars from entering the pool during the fall and winter months. This peace of mind might be enough of a reason to install one but there is also the added benefit of saving you money.

Solid pool safety covers block the sun from evaporating water from the pool. Since sunlight doesn’t penetrate the cover, a solid cover also keeps algae from growing. Mesh covers are lighter weight and easier to install and remove while keeping leaves and debris out of the pool. Both types lessen the amount of work required every spring or summer to reopen your pool.

Cover your swimming pool with mesh or solid cover.

Choosing a pool safety cover can be a difficult decision. There are many materials and manufacturers to choose from. Below you will find the features of 2 kind of safety cover material – mesh and solid.

Mesh Safety Covers

Mesh pool safety covers are made from a lightweight yet strong weave of materials. Tightness of weave and therefore strength of the cover varies between manufacturers and styles. Since the material is porous it allows rain and melting snow to drain into the pool. Material is strong but also lightweight, this makes installation and removal easy. Because water can pass through the material the cover is not weighed down by snow and standing water. This also prevents puddling on the cover which can be a danger to children and pets. The mesh keeps most debris out of the pool. When you open your pool the following season the water should be mostly clean with only the finest of particles in the water, easily vacuumed up. Because water passes through the cover it dries quickly, allowing leaves and debris to blow away. Since water seeps through the pool, the next Spring you should not have to add much water to bring the pool back to proper water level. Sunlight will penetrate the cover lowering the chlorine level in your pool.

Since some debris and particles enter the pool through the porous mesh surface – some additional cleaning will have to be performed when you reopen your pool. Sunlight which passes through the mesh cover can promote the growth of algae and bacteria

Solid Safety Covers

Solid pool safety covers form a completely solid barrier between the pool surface and the environment. Since nothing penetrates the cover, the water is generally the same quality as you left it the previous season. Solid covers also require a cover pump to drain standing water from the pool cover. Solid covers are usually made of high-quality vinyl or a similar materials.

Solid covers are practically airtight and do not allow water, sunlight, or debris to enter the pool. Algae and other organisms cannot grow in the pool as they do not have access to sunlight. Because nothing can get into the pool, opening the pool the next season will require less work and less chemicals.

Water and snow will collect on the surface of the cover, this makes the cover very slippery and creates a hazard for children and pets.Because of the above condition, a cover pump is REQUIRED for a solid safety cover. (Although some solid covers incorporate mesh drain panels.) Solid covers are heavier than mesh covers making installation and removal require a little more work.

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  1. Pool Covers
    February 14, 2013 at 8:57 am

    When winter approaches, it is important to protect your swimming pool in order to ensure that it is safe and ready to use when the season changes. Thanks for sharing this information about these swimming pool winter covers.