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Landscaping Ideas For Your Swimming Pool

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Creating an inviting or extremely private swimming pool landscape requires a lot of planning but the results are stunning and picture-worthy. There is also a lot of room for imagination and experiment. You can add planter pots to your empty swimming pool deck or you can introduce flower beds and plant them with big-leafed plants like Alocasia Macrorrhizos or Chamaerops Humilis. You can also add trees and bushes if you have enough space.

On the other hand, if you like a more spacious deck you could add patches of grass as stepping stones to it or simply a few potted small trees as accents.

Grasses, palms, shrubs, and even cacti can make any swimming pool better. And if you plan appropriately their fallen leaves and branches won’t make their way into your pool.

Swimming Pool Landscaping

Swimming pool and greenery

Swimming pool planters

Swimming pool planter pots

Swimming pool shrubery

Swimming pool trees

Swimming pool tree

Swimming pool green patches on deck

Swimming pool grasses

Swimming pool landscape

swimming pool

Swimming pool cacti

swimming pool

swimming pool in garden

swimming pool bush

Swimming pool in garden

Swimming pool and house

Swimming pool greenery

Swimming pool greenery


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