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Frame Swimming Pools

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A long-awaited summer vacation period is close. Some are planning a vacation on the coast, but not all of us. It is good, if you have at least a small pond somewhere around, which could be highly useful during the summer heat. But what if you don’t have any? One way out is to establish your own oasis on your courtyard.

Frame Swimming Pool in Your Courtyard

Frame pool

Frame pool

Excellent option for arranging a recreation area on the plot is a frame pool. You can install it just once for the whole summer period. And the time from the beginning of installation to the first bathing can range from a few hours to several days, depending on the complexity of the chosen design of the pool.

Advantages of frame pools are that they have a very large selection of products in form and size. You can select a frame pool for children and adults. Their designs are durable and do not require dismantling for the winter period. For winter storage it is recommended to fill the pool basin fully with water and cover it by the special cloth.

If it becomes necessary to move a pool to another location, the design will allow doing it. Frame pools have beautiful shapes, allowing them to blend well with almost any landscape.

While acquiring a frame pool, you should immediately think of the additional equipment. Stairs, water filter, pump are inherent equipment for the pool. Producers of pools also offer various lighting options for pools, amusements and other interesting appliances. These devices not only allow to enjoy swimming, but also decorate the site.

Frame pool

Frame pool

Frame pool should be installed on solid ground, preferably away from buildings and trees. Typically frame swimming pools are installed on the ground surface. But if there is a desire and a need to make the penetration, then you can dig a pit. It should be two feet larger than the pool all around.

Pools are heated slowly in the ground, so it is advisable to install insulation between the walls of the pool and brickwork.

Perimeter around the pool can be arranged depending on the design of the landscape.

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