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Floating Pool Table Makes For Exotic Breakfast Nook

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Pool table

AYANA Resort and Spa Bali

If you’re trying to create a resort in your backyard on a budget without building an entire pool bar, you should take cues from real resorts like this one in Bali that offers their guests a floating basket pool table that looks like a great DIY project material and a nice way to eat breakfast after your morning swim.

The great thing about it is that you can use such a table in a pool of any size and remove it when necessary. You can create one yourself by adding pool noodles or other tubing to a low basket that would elevate it above water and allow it float easily with all the dishes and food placed on it.

It also adds an exotic touch to the pool and the outdoors in general provoking associations with vacation and relaxation. Swimming is also a great way to burn some extra calories before and after breakfast.

If you aren’t down for eating much while in the water though a simple floating wooden tray can suffice for keeping your drink and small snacks at hand’s reach.

Wooden pool tray

Wooden floating tray

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