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Cleaning Pool Drain

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Swimming pool is a luxurious investment that requires quite a lot of maintenance, especially, if you happen to have the in-ground one. The pool drains must be regularly cleaned and if that procedure is impossible – replacing the pool drain is the only option. Today we are going to learn several ways of dealing with pool drains.

swimming pool drain

Pool Drains Maintenance

First of all, the pool drain, also called main drain, is the main outlet for water in the swimming pool, which is located in the bottom of the pool. It has a protective shield used against debris clutter, that might hinder the water intake. The drain basically acts as a connector for the intake line, which is located at the bottom of the pool. Some drains have internal filters, but all drains need to have a cover.

First thing you need to do is to remove water from the swimming pool. If you have a diving equipment, you won’t need to drain the pool though. Use the manual’s instructions for the pull pump to remove the water. Most owners have an automatic pool pump, however, if that is not your case you will need to siphon the water out with a garden hose, which can take quite a while, so it is best to dedicate one of your mornings to this procedure.

Swimming Pool Drains

When the pool is drained go down to the bottom of the pool. Finding a drain is quite easy, it is the only opening in the bottom of the pool. Now you will need to unscrew the cover, then lift off the lid. Then, pull out the filter, clean it thoroughly from debris. Do make sure that the filter can be used again. If the filter cannot be used any longer or if it is damaged – you will need to insert the new one and if the filter cover is damaged, replace it as well. Then make sure to screw cover back in place and refill the pool. Enjoy the swimming pool with a clean drain.

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