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Amazing Poolside Room Ideas

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Swimming poolside area, apart from serving its original purpose of spending exciting time in the water, can also become a great outdoor room! Today we are going to explore different options of creating a covered poolside area.

Poolside Rooms Inspiration

poolside pavilion

Poolside Pavilion

A pavilion, in architecture, is a structure that serves as a passage to the main building or as a relaxation space. Placing a pavilion near the swimming pool can accentuate the poolside area and create a nice transition to the outdoor retreat.

A pavilion can resemble a gazebo but with a more grandiose architecture. There are many different types of poolside pavilions, but they are united by a general idea of providing sheltered space, which is well aerated and secure in terms of privacy.

Poolside House

poolside rooms

Poolside house is a fully built structure much like a garden shed only a bit larger. A poolside house provides a shelter for changing, and storing the swimming pool accessories. It can also be a snack station or even a bar, where you could still enjoy the outdoor view, while being protected from the sun.

Additionally, you can include a bathroom into the poolside house, so the guests won’t have to travel all the way to the house. Pool houses can be either seasonal or year round. If you want the latter option try making the house sturdier for winter weather conditions.

Poolside Pergola

poolside rooms

A poolside pergola is much simpler as a structure and provides less privacy, however ideal if you want to have a simple poolside relaxing area. Simplicity of the construction extends the comfort of indoors to the poolside area. It doesn’t have to be large, a simple roof structure would be enough. Likewise you can include outdoor furniture, to make the area even more comfortable.

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