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7 Types of Pool Design

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Pool on the territory of a house or a private hotel is the highest indicator of prestige. It is not easy to build a swimming pool, and then to keep it in good conditions, but it brings so much joy to children, as well as positive emotions and enjoyment to adults.

7 Types of Pool Arrangement and Design

Hotel in India

Hotel in India

A pool can be built in the house, if the house is quite large. Otherwise, the pool will be small. Another option is an outdoor swimming pool. Look at our review of the pools, made ​​in different designs.

Hotel in India

Such a pool would be a testament to a certain status and wealth of the owners, if owned by one family. It has a regular form, but the bottom is covered with mosaics. And the pool blends with the house in colonial style and greenery around. Do not forget also about the system for water overflow, which, of course, is very practical.

House in Provence

Moroccan pavilion does not blend well with a tough bowl basin, made ​​of stone. However, the sun and greenery around may well compensate for this dissonance.

Villa Il Borro, Tuscany

The pool is on the ground floor of the house. In the evening, you can highlight the water, and it will cast a glare on the walls and ceiling.

House in Athens

It is a perfect solution for people, who have not very large area. It is luxury in a compact form. There is a playground of teak, a small swimming pool, lounge, palm and pebbles. We have all the components of the real comfort.

House in Mexico

It is a grandiose project. Due to smooth lines and beveled overflow boards, there is a feeling that water itself has adopted this form and flows freely to the “roof” of the arcade. This is a pool and a terrace at the same time. It offers a stunning view of the surroundings , especially at sunset. Just imagine, how the sun sinks into the water plane.

House in Plettenberg Bay , South Africa

It will be nice and relaxing in solitude, and spending time with friends. A complete set of gentlemen: pool, hot tub, lounge chairs, a table with benches under a canopy and a magnificent panorama “overboard “. What more could you want?

House in Finland

This pool reminds a water park. Its designers were thinking primarily about children’s play: bungee and hanged, and swing bridge and threw. The house itself is built of logs, and so the owners have decided to use the same material in this room.

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