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6 World’s Most Unusual Basins

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Judging by the number and size of constructed swimming pools, we could say that the whole world is preparing to the Deluge, and urgently learns to swim. We chose six of the most unusual “training bases” for swimming. Look at these amazing pools to find your inspiration.

Ocean Dome in Sigayya, Japan

Ocean Dome in Sigayya, Japan

Sigayya, Japan

The world’s largest indoor swimming pool is Ocean Dome (an area of ​​3 ha) is located in the resort town Sigayya on the third largest island of the Japanese archipelago Kyushu. A sliding roof is erected over it that opens and closes depending on the weather.

Auckland, New Zealand

It is an outdoor pool on the fourth floor of the Hilton Hotel. And although it is located only on the fourth floor, you can see the sea and still existing old shipyards and docks from the underwater viewing platform.

Hong Kong

First rooftop pool appeared in American hotels. The initiative was quickly seized by hoteliers of Asia, and primarily from Hong Kong. Today in this city almost every five-star hotel has got such a pool. Harbour Grand Hotel is a record-holder in the pool altitude: it is located on the twenty-third floor.

Algarrobo, Chile

The length of the pool is about 3323 feet. It belongs to several hotels and is not only the world’s largest outdoor swimming pools (8 ha), but also the most expensive to operate.


When designing this house, architect Rem Koolhaas started from the main customer wishes – to have a pool with panoramic views. The owners were going to fully use the advantage of their area with the view of the city and the Bois de Boulogne. That is why the pool was located on the roof, and next to it they arranged a small terrace.


Pool Badeschiff (“bathing ship”) is located on the Spree River in the heart of Berlin. It was built on the basis of old barges. It initially functioned only in the warm season, and not only as a swimming pool, but also as a concert venue.

Architects of the Spanish Office AMP Arquitectos designed folding roof for the pool itself and two ramps leading to it. They are mounted, when it is getting cold and the pool continues to operate normally.

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