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5 Fresh Swimming Pool Ideas

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We’ve seen many different amazing swimming pool designs and yet there are so many more fresh ideas out there that have to do not only with the shape and material but also little (or not so little) accents that can add character or flair to even a standard rectangular pool.

Fresh Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Overflowing pool

An overflowing pool like this makes for a beach entry look. The smooth light floors look like the white beach sand. It’s certainly a way to emulate real beach. Which brings us to another solution below, shallow steps. The shallower, the better.

Tiles can transform any pool and make it look luxe. Checkered one looks posh while the striped one makes it look more fun.

Finally, the built in chaise lounges and beds make any swimming pool look like expensive resort.

Swimming pool bed

Pool steps

Striped pool floor

Checkered pool

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