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35 Pool Terrace Ideas

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The summer is already gone, but are we ready to let it go? One of the greatest ideas to enjoy last days of heat is to relax in your comfortable swimming pool terrace? If you don’t have one yet, but want to make it, we will help you, because here we are presenting 35 pool terrace design ideas.

Swimming Pool Terrace Types

As you are sure by now, that swimming pool terrace is a necessity, let’s consider the possibilities and dive into the fresh and cool inspiration. You should know that there are several covert types of pool terraces: the open space layout, the english garden styled terrace and the jungle version terrace. We hope that the descriptions of these types will help you choosing what’s best for you.
The open space layouts are easy to spot in the modern houses, as they underline the simplicity, yet preserve luxurious element in decor. For this type of layout it is common to see terra cota tiles, or wood flooring, minimalistic lounge chairs, or perhaps sometimes an extremely out of place outdoor furniture.
As a transition from the first type to second, somewhere in between is the english garden styled terrace. This intermediate type is represented by the refined tiles, and some gardening elements. Overall, it is very pompous and sophisticated, usually revealing royal trimmed trees, usually a staircase, leading down to the circle shaped pool. The main feature is the presence of careful little brushes, or some kind of the gardening.
The third type, casually entitled the jungle version, is of course rarely called like this in real life. However, the terrace of this type so often reminds us of jungles! The characteristic feature of this type is abundance of greenery, and replication of natural water basins. It is usual to see a lot of stones, lush greenery, and exotic decor elements.

Swimming Pool Terrace Inspiration

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