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25 Infinity Pool Inspirations

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Swimming pools in the recent years have become a necessity, not a luxury, however, infinity pools are still considered a luxurious investment. As you might probably remember from the previous post, infinity pools are the ones that create an illusion of being one with the horizon. Although infinity pools seem to possess the same characteristics in each type, we still can’t take off our eyes from the many different inspiring examples. Today we are going to explore various construction myths regarding infinity pools and take inspiration in most jaw-dropping designs.

Infinity Pool Inspiration

Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool designed by Lori Dennis

Infinity Pool Construction

There is a common misconception that an infinity pool is more expensive than other in-ground pool types. However, the main trick of this kind of swimming pool is  its location. It is essential to locate the pool on a cliff or some kind of an edge, so that the waterline is visible. Infinity pools can be either reflective, which means that they have rectangular shape and are rather shallow; or they might have a usual swimming pool shape.

One of the swimming pool edges must have a negative slope. As you might imagine, the water that flows over the edge is collected in a trough, which is constructed beneath the edge. Then this water is processed and re-pumped back to the pool. Therefore, the pumps in the infinity pools should be quite powerful. Basically the illusion of the water running over the edge is created specifically by the power of these pumps.

Infinity Pool Inspiration

Meanwhile, the overall look of an infinity pool depends entirely on the surrounding landscape and its location. In the example above, a pool line designed by Lori Dennis merges with an urban landscape, while providing needed privacy for the owners. The baja steps extend the sensation of the beach oasis. Now, it is time to enjoy the infinity pool inspiration below.

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