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20 Sleek Swimming Pool Seating Ideas

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Swimming pool leisure with friends and family, what can be better? Sun, comfortable lounge area, and plenty of activity do the mind and body good and also give room for communication. But if you’re still struggling to make your swimming pool area a cool place to hang out, these twenty amazingly simple and modern ideas are surely to inspire great things.

Sleek Swimming Pool Seating

Pool house

Pool houses can look luxurious and pompous but not this brick wall sun shelter with wood siding and a cool pool sign. The cylindrical planters add style and green points to the space.

Pool bench

A simple stone bench can be a beautiful place to sit and rest from swimming or a great place to keep water, snacks, and towels.

Pool cushions

These woven cushions are simply too stylish and good to ignore. They add texture to the minimalist concrete floor and empty walls and go nicely with the surrounding greenery, no doubt.


Pool lounge area

This oriental style backyard is a dream. Chaise lounges under trees, candle lantern holders, and beautiful sculptures contrast nicely with a sleek pool design.


Poolside deck and patio

This is a gorgeous place to be. A wooden deck with a built in plunge pool, accent wicker seat, and a tray table make for an amazing modern lounge area.

Pool bench

A raised pool side made into a seat is a genius way to relax by the pool and enjoy the water without a plunge.

Pool patio

This simple plunge pool may not be the dream come true but it has a certain charm to it. The simple metal set is pretty modern and stylish though.

Built-in pool seat

The built-in option might be more expensive but don’t you think it’s so worth? This one makes for an entire daybed.

Poolside chair

The seat here isn’t as much of a focus. The layout itself is quite interesting providing an adjoining deck and pool all the while protecting from sun exposure.  This one’s ideal for those who don’t tan.

Pool benches

Well the set up look luxurious but get rid of the dining table and second bench from the right and we’re talking something very achievable let alone gorgeous.

Pool deck

A simple wooden deck is a great solution for those who like to stay close to the pool and sit wherever.

Yard bench

This pool location might not be the most practical when it comes to cleaning, but it surely provides privacy and a bit of coolness to water.

Modern pool chairs

You don’t have to come up with anything once you set your eyes on modern pool chairs. They are great for seating and even lying down after your little workout.

Pool seats

Chaise lounges don’t have to look standard and hotel-like (unless you’re after the look).


Pool house alternative doesn’t have to be complex and expensive.

Padded pool seats

Modern cushioned seats are sleek and minimalist and go great with white gravel, grey flooring, and aqua blue pool water.

Pool lounge area

Any site has its pluses and minuses, so be sure to take advantage of any layout quirks. Here a staircase makes a great sun awning for a poolside mini deck.

Pool bench deck

Speaking of mini decks, if you only have enough space for a pool or deck/patio you still don’t have to choose. This clever design allows to have both without too much compromise.

Minimalist pool and seat

Another great sun awning idea with a wooden slab siding that contrasts beautifully with white and blue.

Pool cuhioned seats

Yay, again for mini decks! When planning your pool think modern ideas, small compromises, and priorities. Here the pool and greenery are a clear priority and yet the seating looks beautiful and there is not one but two mini decks.

Swimming pool

So what do you think about these pool seating ideas?

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