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10 Original Types of Swimming Pools

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Summer is a hot time, and the need to freshen up becomes a necessity. Pools often operate purely practical function and do not serve as a decoration, and sometimes even the opposite: inflatable pools, bulky and unattractive plastic stationary pools do not look pleasing to the eye. But why not combine practical use with pleasure? We offer a few ideas that will inspire you and help transform the pool in the most unusual way.

Original Types of Swimming Pools: 10 Usefull Ideas

Violin shaped swimming pool

Violin shaped swimming pool

Pool of unusual shape

This is perhaps the most obvious and primary option to be implemented in the very early stages of building a swimming pool. There is a great room for imagination: from unusual geometric forms to certain objects.

Pool with transparent walls

You can build a swimming pool using glass or acrylic panels that are integrated into the concrete walls. You can make multiple transparent walls or make transparent inserts.

Pool bar

Very bright and functional solution is to design a small bar counter so that you can drink cool cocktails without leaving the water.

Long and narrow pool

Such a minimalist type of pool is ideal for areas with limited space. At the same time narrow pools look very stylish.

Lagoon pool

Trees provide shade, waterfalls, scenic boulders and possibly small islands – all this will help you turn your pool into a paradise.

Pool with drawings at the bottom

Mural or a special varnish coating with pattern will help to realize any of your artistic idea.

Pool with lighting

Another option of decoration of the bottom, and the pool as a whole is the backlight. There are many options: LED strip lamps underwater lighting, spotlights. In addition to decorative lighting function it is used for convenience: it will be much more comfortable and safer to swim in the evening and at night.

Gulf pool

Designers have long been inspired by the example of swimming pools on the roofs of tall buildings, mostly in hotels and casinos. If the landscape allows, why not to make such a swimming pool? Even a small hill will be good to implement this idea.

Two in One

Pretty attractive solution is to attach another small pool with different water quality in addition to the main pool: for example, the Jacuzzi or seawater. This mini-pool can be positioned on a side and inside the main body of water.

Pool with slides

This option will appeal to both children and adults. Slides are interesting design and fun in one package.

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