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Shabby Chic Terrace

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Light and easy Shabby chic is a kind of country style, which is characterized by an abundance of white light “attrition”, patina effect and relaxed mood of rustic summer. The idea to decorate a terrace or balcony in Shabby chic style is not meaningless: it is nice to surround yourself with natural materials and light colors during warm spring and hot summer.

Terrace Decor Ideas in Shabby Chic Style

Terrace in Shabby chic style

Terrace in Shabby chic style

White walls and floor with faded effect can serve as the basis for decorating a terrace in Shabby Chic style. Decking on the floor is colored with patina effect, which gives us the desired effect. the remaining elements will look more organic on this background.

A bench-swing suspended on chains can be the main decoration on the summer terrace in shabby chic style. You can put pillows on the bench and a table for drinks next to the bench to make it look more convenient. Garden furniture is better to locate under a canopy.

It is better to use wooden and wicker furniture for porches or terraces. It is desirable to protect soft parts of furniture and cushions are from moisture. In the Shabby chic style textiles and upholstery look looks as if they were burnt by the sun. Textiles must be natural in light colors.

You can decorate your terrace with plants and flowers: curly grape and white flowers will look especially cozy. Put a table for family meals or any other furniture to relax in the shade of the gazebo, which is made by a canopy or grapes. Shabby chic terrace will be a favorite venue for warm spring and summer evenings.

The abundance of natural colors and materials made ​​Shabby chic a very popular style in country cottages. Comfort, created in this style, can not be compared with anything, and the spirit of rustic romance will make you forget about all matters entirely immersed in the summer holidays.

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