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Porch Furniture: Opt For Shrewdness

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Want to create both relaxing and practical porch? Then you should choose practical porch furniture! the firstthing you should be aware while trying to opt for such ones are the size and style of your porch. Next, you also should take into consideration of how much extra space you’d need in future. For example, if you rarely entertain and simply want a cozy place to relax, a couple of chairs and a table will be enough for your porch. Vice versa, in case you host a lot of parties, may want more seating options for guests.

Moreover, keep in mind that porches are usually long and narrow. Any furniture you buy should fit well enough that people could move around without feeling hindered or blocked. In addition to the different types of porch furniture (chairs, swings, gliders, etc.), you’ll want to consider which materials are best suited for your porch. Does your porch get a lot of exposure to weather? Then you’ll want something more weather resistant. If you have a 3 or 4-season porch, then you won’t have to worry about the elements as much.

Porch rocking chairs

Porch rocking chairsare different from the rocking chairs you find on the inside of your house. They must be much more weather resistant. Any metal parts need to be rustproof and wooden joints need to withstand heat and humidity without popping. Cushions are fine, but secure them in windy weather, and perhaps bring them inside when it rains. Porch rocking chairs come in a variety of styles, too. From wicker to wood to recycled plastic, you’re sure to find a style that fits your comfort level.


Porch swings are a classic fixture on any porch. However, they do require installation and care must be exercised. After all, they will hang from the porch ceiling and must support a certain amount of weight (be sure to follow the manufacturer’s weight limits). But they’re well worth the effort as they give you a timeless and romantic way to enjoy your porch. You’ll also choose between rope and metal chains to hang the swing. Metal will last longer, but children run the risk of getting their fingers pinched.


Gliders are a relaxing, easy to install alternative to porch swings. They’re also easier to move around your porch. Gliders do just what they say – they glide back and forth. They come in a variety of styles – fabric, metal, painted, recycled plastic and wooden. Watch the hardware on the glider mechanism. If it’s plastic, it’s more likely to break. The same goes for the straps on the gliding mechanism. Metal will last longer.

Adirondack chairs

This distinctive and comfortable chair was introduced in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York around 1900. It comes in a variety of colors and materials, from classic wood painted white to recycled white plastic. Cedar, teak and plastic are great for everyday outdoor use. Adirondack Chairs are perfect for 3 or 4 season porches as well. The variety of colors available means they’ll fit into nearly any decor.

Wicker furniture

Wicker adds a classic feel to your porch and fits with most styles of porches. Wicker is resilient and beautiful. It comes in a variety of colors and styles. Rattan, cane, bamboo, reed and willow are several of the natural materials used to make wicker. However, natural wicker, if untreated, is best suited for 3 or 4 season porches, as it will not withstand heavy rains or other weathering. If you have an open porch, furniture made from resin wicker would be a great choice. But keep in mind that while it’s stronger, even resin wicker should not be left exposed in the outdoors. You’ll find all sorts of furniture in wicker — chairs, rocking chairs, tables, and more. Plus, you can mix and match comfy cushions to add style and color to wicker’s more natural hues.

Aluminum furniture

This is ideal for purely outdoor use. It withstands rust, can take snow, wind, rain and sun and still looks great. It never warps or rots. It comes in a variety of styles and is one of the most readily available materials. There are downsides to aluminum. It becomes cold in the sprint, fall and winter. It can scratch porch floors if you’re not careful.

Teak and cedar porch sets

Both of these woods are naturally durable and can withstand years of outdoor use. Teak is perhaps the best for outdoor use as it is naturally resistant to insects and weather. Because of this, it is expensive. Cedar is also a good choice. It can be left untreated and is naturally resistant to insects. However, it may not age to an acceptable color and weathering may cause the grain to raise, so you cconsider treating it.

Plastic furniture

The advantages of plastic are that it can withstand nearly any weather condition and comes in a wide variety of colors. The disadvantages are that wind can be a factor (in a heavy thunderstorm it is likely to blow over), and it does not have as many upscale styles as other materials.


Last, but not least, consider the cushions you buy for your porch furniture. Comfort should be your first concern, followed by how securely does the cushion stay on the furniture, and next by portability. You’ll want bring your cushions inside when the weather turns bad. Cushions give you lots of decorating options, but keep this rule of thumb in mind: to help ensure your cushions match your porch’s décor, choose two primary colors and two accent colors. And make sure your cushions match your furniture, of course! You can mix and match different types of porch furniture such as chairs, tables, swings, and materials such as aluminum with wood, for example.

Be bold and creative as you like, and then get ready to enjoy relaxing days and evenings on your comfortable, stylish porch.

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