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How To Create Impressive Porch

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A porch can be more than just an access to the front door. It can be a great outdoors hanging spot or an impressive architectural decoration. To create an impressive porch you might need as little as some greenery but you can also go as far as desiging something architecturally intricate.

Design & Decorate Impressive Porch

Interesting porch architecture


When it comes to design and architecture of the porch antique columns always win provided that your house is in traditional or any other fitting style and will benefit from such columns. Decorated posts will add detail to a cottage or a rustic house. You can also go with lattice work, embroidered corners, and an intricate doorway.


Even if you have a simple porch you can vamp it up with decor items. Statement chairs, benches, settees, and tables will add style to the porch while the fabrics, cushions, and throw pillows will add color and pattern to it. Also think about hanging lightweight curtains for privacy and decor or painting a front door a bold bright color.


Greenery is a great finishing touch but it can stand on its own and make your porch look like it’s from a fairy tale. Vines, trellises with crawling plants, and, of course, flowers in statement pots are decor items on their own. Also think topiaries, hanging planters, windowsill flower beds, and greenery-covered stairs.

A great way to finish off your porh is to create a beautiful pathway that will lead right towards it. It can be a flower bed alley or a different color stone pattern. If your poch is located at the back of the house a pathway is a great transition to the garden or an outdoor lounge area. Back porches can be built to overlook a pond or a swimming pool and connect them to the house.

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