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Cristal Box Makes It Possible To Enjoy Outdoors In Any Weather

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Designer Jose A. Gandia-Blasco has designed this Cristal Box to allow you to enjoy the great outdoors without thinking of weather. You just get in and peruse the surroundings, work on your garden, or read and drink tea.

Cristal Box For Outdoor Leisure In Any Weather

Cristal Box is a system of pergolas inspired by the winter gardens of the 17th century. Made from anodized or lacquered aluminium the boxes come in sand, bronze, anthracite and white colors while the roof is made of galvanized sheeting. You can choose flooring made of NOWOOD or vegetable fibre and plastic. The shapes and color combinations may change depending on personal taste.

This white promo Cristal Box looks like a dream though. The designer says of it:

A glass box to seek refuge from the cold and wind, to admire the scenery in the comfort of a garden, next to the pool or on the top of a cliff while you enjoy an attractive sunset.”

It’s unclear if the box is insulated and with what but it could definitely save you from most types of weather conditions.

Cristal Box for outdoor leisure

Cristal Box indoors

Cristal Box as garden

Cristal Box as greenhouse

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