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Awesome Winter Decorating Ideas for Your Porch

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A front porch became a relaxation place where neighbors communicate. Imagine the friendly atmosphere, waving to people as they walk by. It’s no wonder that we enjoy decorating our porch, that covered entry into our home. Simple touches like a welcome mat as wide as the front door or an electric candle in the window are nice, but just a little more decorating can create an enticing and welcoming entrance. When decorating your home’s porch, consider some of these winter decorating ideas that delight the five senses.

Decorate your porch for this winter!

Stand thin tree limbs, de-leafed canes from spirea or other cane shrub, or pussy willow stems in a container. Use heavy containers that can withstand the winds of winter such as an old-fashioned milk can or heavy pottery crock. Other options for outdoor use may include a tin bucket, metal camping coffee pot or decorative basket. A few inches of sand, soil or rocks in the bottom of the container can help to hold the limbs in place and weigh down a light container. Twist grape vines through the rafters or around a porch railing. With darkness settling in early during the winter months, you can add some light to the front porch by mingling twinkle lights in with the grapevines.

Pick up artificial cranberries from the craft store to string on twine or other course cord. Space the faux berries (or buttons or wood ornament) about 6 inches apart, tying a knot on each side to hold the decoration in place. Drape the garland over a window, door, porch railing or from the porch ceiling.

Add subtle sound to your winter front porch decorating. Options may include a wind chime or wall-hung bell with cord for visitors to ring. Attach a bell over the door so as it opens, visitors hear the tiny chime alerting all that greetings are in order.

Incorporate the sense of touch into your porch winter decorating theme. A thick door mat to encourage wiping of messy shoes is one way. Place a cushion on a chair or a folded quilt on a bench to invite guests to sit and remove their boots during the winter season. The padded seat is not only comfortable, the seat provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the view.

Include fresh pine boughs in a wreath hung on the door or lay the boughs on a table wrapped with a wide ribbon. Stand eucalyptus stems in a vase. Add a drop or two of potpourri oil to the light bulb of the porch light. The same potpourri oil can be used to dab on pine cones to then fill a basket. Choose a scent indicative of a warm interior, like cinnamon spice. Visitors are sure to notice!

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