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2 Decor Ideas for Terraces with White Furniture

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Garden furniture in light and neutral colors is the most popular trends. It fits perfectly into the natural landscape. And it is harmoniously combined with the surrounding greenery. Such garden furniture can be purchased at many stores. Most often it is accompanied by white pillows.

How to Refresh Terrace with White Furniture

Terrace with white furniture and brignt accents

Terrace with white furniture and brignt accents

However, if you are already tired of neutrality or you have always dreamed of a bright décor for your terrace, than colorful ideas of quick update will be very useful. We will show you 2 examples, where decorators have reshaped the terraces with white furniture with the help of rich accents – textiles, utensils and pot plants.

Terrace # 1

A regular terrace in neutral tones with motley furniture has become a wonderful place to stay, filled with flowers, bright colors and atmosphere of the summer.

What did transform this terrace? First, it is the bright color accents: yellow, pink and green pillows, and hot pads. Secondly, it is fresh flowers. They are everywhere: in pots, baskets, buckets, on the table, on the windowsill. Thanks to them, the terrace looks blooming and fragrant, as the summer mood settled there permanently.

A couple of forged candlesticks is used instead of small assorted lanterns, complementing country-style. Tableware and dining utensils arealso made ​​of natural materials: wicker trays, wooden dishes and bowls, napkins with flowers. Dark wood table now is not alone. It greatly harmonize with the wicker chair.

The terrace seems spacious and at the same time is separated from the outside world due to the large corner sofa and plants in tubs.

Terrace #2

This terrace is a wonderful example of mixing styles. Here the forged furniture is next to the rattan furniture; bright colors are mixed with muted tones; and a recreation area is next to the outdoor dining area.

The first thing that we see coming onto the terrace is a recreation area including 2 sofas, one of which is braided, and the other is forged. They both have bright colors in the upholstery and cushions with bright blue-green pattern. In the middle of the terrace there is a wooden table with glass, decorated with bright candles and flowers. The forged table in a Moroccan style and decor with birdcages bring a touch of ethnicity in the interior.

On the other side there is a dining area, sparkling with riot of colors. Its design combines two bright colors: azure blue and yellow chartreuse. They are repeated in patterns oo the tablecloth, cutlery and crockery made of colored glass.

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