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Types of Ponds

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A pond is a sure landscape decoration that brings charm and beauty to the outdoors. There are a few types of ponds that you can build in your garden from sophisticated geometric to natural-looking ones. A pond can also be practical and serve as a garden of its own or a natural swimming pool.

Main Types of Ponds

Building a pond can be as easy as filling a bowl with water but it also requires maintenance especially if it has fish and plants in it. But whatever type of the pond you choose for your garden it will definitely be a sight to see.

Formal Pond

Formal pond

Formal pond

Formal ponds are architectural features that are usually built in geometric shapes. Elevated or built-in rectangular stone ponds can be seen near traditional estates usually surrounded by formal gardens. Formal ponds often feature statues or fountains as well as water lillies.

A formal pond can definitely add charm to the classic stone house adding a sophisticated touch even to a natural-looking garden.

Informal Pond

Inormal pond

Natural pond

Informal ponds can most often be seen in private gardens. Coming in every shape and size these water features are used for landscaping and decorating. Whether designed by professionals or residents themselves such ponds are relatively easy to build.

In a cottage garden or any natural garden an informal pond will be a beautiful addition. The best thing about informal ponds is that they can be of any shape and feature any edging making for various interesting designs.

Koi Pond

Koi pond

Koi pond

Koi ponds are quite popular as they are very beautiful and ornamental thanks to colorful Koi fish living in them. Koi pond can be both formal and informal as well as feature various additional features like a waterfall or a bog garden.

A koi pond is a high-maintenance type as it features life. You got to keep the water clean and make sure the temperature is optimal for the fish. You should also feed the fish regularly making sure they’re eating enough but not too much.

Container Pond

Container Pond

Container Pond

Container ponds are small water features in buckets or some other vessels that will hold water and some plants. Container ponds are great for small gardens as well as the patios and they can be DIY almost without hassle.

Container ponds are usually water gardens so they can become beautiful focal points in a small garden if you plant them with a dwarf waterlily, Iris, Water hyacinth, Cabomba, or Frogbit.

Water Garden

Water garden

Water garden

A water garden is basically a pond filled with goldfish and/or aquatic plants. The plants like lillies and arrowheads growing out of water make for a dreamy landscape that attracts wildlife.

You can plant a water garden pond with lillies, Lotus, Papyrus, Pitcher Plant, as well as the aforementioned plant and bloom varieties.

Swimming Pond

Swimming Pond

Swimming Pond

Swimming pond also known as natural pool is a large water feature that usually has a swimming pool-like container overflown with water and planted with greenery around the perimeter, so this type of pond although practical can also be very decorative.

For a natural effect plant as much greenery around it as possible. The edging of the pond can also be more like in a conventional swimming pool (like in the picture above) if you prefer it more to lush greenery.

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