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Top Most Beautiful Water Lilies

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Water lilies are not only beautiful, but also quite beneficial for the garden pond. However few know, that beside the usual Nymphaea ‘Hollandia’, also known as Hardy Water Lily, there are a lot of other types, which are perfect for growing in the pond! Today we are going to discover top most beautiful water lilies for your garden!

Most Incredible Water Lilies

most beauiful water lilies

Sunset Carolina Water Lily

This water lily has a gorgeous tender peach color and huge leaves that can be up to 12 inches in diameter. It blooms during the day, and is perfect for climate zones from 4 to 10. It requires low maintenance, and can be chosen for its amazing peach color.

Red Cup Water Lily

most beautiful water lilies

This beauty is famous for its vibrant red flowers. It blooms during the night time, and has a heavy apple scent. This is a tropical variety of water lily, which would be comfortable at zones 10 to 11.

Blue Beauty Water Lily

most beautiful water lilies

In this case, name speaks for itself. Its flower can be up to one foot long, and vary in color from pale lilac to deep blue. It blooms during the day, and would feel good in zones from 10 to 11. It also has a distinct fragrance.

Mrs. George H. Pring Water Lily

most beautiful water lilies

This variety of a water lily has a distinct white flower with leaves that can be up to 16 feet in diameter. Also, this variety can let out from 4 to 6 flowers during the blooming cycle. It is a night time water lily.

Rembrandt Water Lily

mos beautiful water lily

This water lily is rather compact, with leaves being only about 3 feet in diameter. The flowers are in bold and daring colors of red. It is perfect for container water features.

Luciana Water Lily

most beautiful water lilies

This variety is famous for its huge flowers that can be up to 7 inches in diameter! The blooms are also quite fragrant, with bronze green foliage. It blooms during the day and is comfortable in zones from 4 to 9.

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