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Tips on Keeping Pond Water Fresh

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Of course fish ponds are quite amazing to have in the outdoors, however as you know they require a lot of attention and time. But, if you don’t have much time to dedicate to this project, perhaps the approach of keeping the freshness of water would be more appropriate, which is what we are talking about today!

fresh pond water tips

Ways to Maintain Pond Water Fresh

Well, no one would argue that the pond is amazing in terms of the views it offers and originality, however this look must be maintained, and one of the ways to do so is to keep the pond water as though it is always fresh. Today we are going to explore the amazing ways to keep the water fresh, so here we go!

One of the best advices ever, as recommended by the ecology specialists, is to line the bottom of the pond with a rubber liner, particularly with butyl liner and some pebbles. This rubber is needed to hold down the bottom of the pond, while keeping the silt from penetrating the bottom lines.

fresh pond water tips

Another thing advised by the specialists is water maintenance, which could be done from the start. For example, always use a dechlorinator if the water you use is from municipal water resources. Chlorine will kill you fish otherwise! Also, as you fill the pond with water, add some algae control enzymes, but use the types, which is the same for fish.

fresh pond water tips

You would be surprised, but water lilies are really protecting the eco-system of your pond. At least, the water lilies will protect the pond from sun exposure, and thus prevent the algae growth. They also help the fish to find protection from the predators.

When the weather is warm, to protect the water from being murky add calcium sulphate, but only of course if the pond is big enough. Take it as a habit to remove debris, as soon as they appear on the surface, this will save you lots of time! So, you see, keeping the water fresh is not really a problem once you are being consistent.

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