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Stylish Modern Pond Design Ideas

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Modern design is everywhere related to outdoor design – we want our patios, decks, balconies, and even ponds to be modern and stylish. So, we’re going to focus on modern ponds that are all about design and appearance. Usually, they are featured by straight lines, correct angles and simplistic materials unlike unformal pond that look a kind of messy. Most up-to-date pond are of square and rectangle shapes. Definitely, the layout depends on how much space is available. Typical modern ponds are placed in a corner, and it makes an L-shape especially appropriate. There’s no doubt that with stylish pond designs, you can feel free in adding decorative details as walkways, bridges, plant island, stepping stones etc.

Modern pond design ideas to make your backyard pond stylish

As you know, a modern pond can be built in-ground or above-ground. These ponds require a withholding wall that will hold the water. Poured concrete is usually used for pond walls and it provides the modern, simple, clean lines. Very often, the concrete is left uncapped so that the pond would have a minimalistic appearance.

Also, multiple levels are common for modern ponds. A smaller level is raised above the main pond, and it creates a terraced effect. Water smoothly spills over into the lower pond. These spill overs should be flat and wide, allowing water to flow peacefully with calm sound. Of course, you can opt for a loud waterfall effect too – you have just to rise the upper level higher.

Next thing about modern ponds is floating stepping stones. People can walk through a pond without getting their feet wet. U-shaped stones, perforated bricks or paving slabs can be used for building stepping stones of different heights. Stepping stones should only be placed in shallow water to avoid oscillating movement.

Most modern ponds usually have very dark water – almost black. You can achieve this by finishing the inside of the pond with a dark material. You can plant some beautiful pond plants in your modern pond, but don’t go too far with them – the pond itself should be the focus and too many colorful plants may distract from that.

Pond lighting creates a warm, inviting environment. Look for floating, globe-shaped lights or colourful lamps at your local shopping malls. Be sure, the lights create a mystical scene at night.

You can enjoy your modern stylish pond not only visually, but also smim in it. Yes, swimming ponds are quiet a rare phenomenon in outdoor design as they require much more time for maintanence than normal ponds. If you have taken decision to build a swimming pond, make it not more than 30-40 sq m. A depth of 80-150 cm is ideal. Don’t forget to keep pets and children away from this swimming pond.

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  1. Lisa
    February 25, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    What ponds do you have for balconys ?