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Small Garden Pond Ideas

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Garden ponds are not new in the gardening world, but new thought provoking ideas for small garden ponds are constantly surfacing. If you are considering building a new garden pond, consider these trendy, cutting edge ideas.

Ideas to make your small garden pond beautiful

Superb modern ponds

One trend in the world of small pond ideas is a less natural, more contemporary look. In place of rocks to create a waterfall, the contemporary pond may use a stainless steal ledge. This creates a uniform cascade of water into the pond below. Stainless steel water features add interest to this type of pond, and colorful lighting completes the look. These types of contemporary ponds can still contain some natural life, such as Koi Carp, if the owner desires them. However, these ponds typically contain few plants, as plant life can diminish the contemporary look.

What about shapes?

Many modern small garden pond ideas revolve around geometric shapes. Rectangles, squares and even triangles create a modern look, as compared to the traditional oval and circular designs often found in pond designs. Often the decorative features, such as brickwork around the pond, will copy the geometric designs to make a clean, pulled-together look.


Lighting is essential to make the most of modern small garden pond designs. Water features can be lit, and underwater lighting can add interest and dimension to the pond during evening outdoor events. Even small ponds can come alive with properly designed and strategically placed lighting elements.

Natural pond trend

While geometric, non-natural ponds are trendy, another trend in the world of garden pond ideas is a completely natural pond. This pond looks as if it is a natural part of the garden around it, perhaps with the addition of a fountain. The key to making this idea work is using rocks as the boundary for the pond and generously planning around them, including mosses and ground cover that will grow on portions of the rock itself. A natural pond will also have water plants and underwater vegetation.

Pond fountains

Water features are one of the best ways to take a small garden pond and turn it into a trendy focal point of a garden. Today’s water features depart from the traditional three-tiered fountain, although these are available for those who want them, and favor a more modern look. Picture a fiberglass fountain designed to look as though a pitcher is pouring water into three stone bowls, allowing the water to cascade down into the pond. Add lighting to each of the three stone bowls and you have a contemporary water feature ready to dress up your small pond.

Wall fountains on a garden wall above the pond are another contemporary option. These add height to the fountain to make it appear larger than it really is. Stainless steel and copper fountains are also popular, adding a rustic or sleek look to the pond, depending on the design chosen. Mixing of mediums, such as putting copper with faux stone or stainless steal with fiberglass, also makes its mark in the contemporary garden pond world. Many small garden pond ideas start with a fun, trendy water feature and build the entire pond around it.

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