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Raised Pond Ideas

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Ponds are beautiful water features that sometimes occur naturally, however, most of the time they are handmade. As any water container, pond can be inground as most of them are and above ground, the so-called raised ponds. If you have a very vague idea what a raised pond is, you are very welcome to start reading from here.

Above-Ground Ponds

Raised Ponds

Raised Ponds By Dorling Kindersley

Raised pond in other words is a pond in a box, just like the raised-bed gardening, however, the kind of a “box” varies significantly. Raised ponds have a slight advantage over the inground ones – they are more flexible in terms of placing and are quite easy to maintain. If you have a narrow strip of land that you want to decorate with a water feature, raised ponds are ideal for this purpose.

The pond boxes can be made from stone, timber or metal. Even though we are talking of the raised pond, you will still need a pond liner similar to those used in projects for the inground ponds. This is needed to protect the container from any leaks. Another thing about raised ponds is that the plant maintenance around the pond is significantly easier. You don’t have to be afraid that you are going to fall into the pond while attending to the plants.

If you want to build a raised pond near the wall of the house, it is best to make sure that the container material matches the wall. Like in the picture above we see red brick matching the wall hidden behind the lush greenery. It is also easier to plant the greens, and even to make a bog garden near the pond area, however, make sure to leave the space for those plants.

The raised pond are usually rather small, however, they can be as big as you want them to be. You can even make a koi raised pond and still it will be easier for you to maintain. The elevated base would allow the pump to filter water and bring in the new fresh water into the pond, which is significantly easier to achieve with the above ground pond. If you are still not convinced, find the inspirational examples below and see for yourself.

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