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Pond Inspiration Ideas

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One of the greatest way to complement your garden is to include a water feature. Water features can of course be different, but today we are going to take the pond inspiration ideas to make a breathtaking view out of your pond.


Incredible Pond Ideas

Pond is a small water container, which can be natural occurring scenery, or most often in the enclosed outdoor areas, it is a manmade water feature. A pond not only adds beauty to the garden, but is also attracting new life, some desirable some not. So, today we are going to get inspired from the most amazing examples in pond landscaping!

awesome ponds

As you know, garden ponds are quite different from the naturally occurring scenery. They are different because they are manmade, and there are certain tricks, which were involved to make the ponds particularly beautiful. For example, the willow trees, as you know grow close to water and create a special serene atmosphere. However, willows are rather large, and if you don’t possess large piece of land, it would be quite hard to plant the willows. Of course the most popular plant for the pond are the water lilies, or other water growing plants.

awesome ponds

Another idea of making your pond beautiful is to add some stone feature amidst the pond. It can be almost anything, but most often it is a fountain with a statue. Stone could also be surrounding your pond, which sort of confines it and gives a border. Another way to decorate with stone is to use boulders in shaping the pond’s territory or landscaping. Even small waterfalls could be made using stones.

awesome ponds

Another attraction for the pond is the wildlife. There are ways of including wild life into your pond. First of all you should be aware that certain insects just love water, and they will use it for increasing their population. However, there are more pleasant to the eye wildlife examples, such as the fish, and koi ponds do have their share of attraction. So, despite the fact that usually koi pond demand high maintenance, they are quite a sight for your garden.

Amazing Ponds

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