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Most Incredible Pond Statues

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A pond is a beautiful and peaceful outdoor feature by itself, but if you want your pond to reflect your personality or have one of its own, a pond statue is what you need. Some pond statues can also be fountain statues, and there are so many various choices that we can choose from, so let’s start.

Amazing Pond Statues

Pond Statues

Incredble Temple Pond Statue

Well, as if garden statues were not enough, pond statues are also quite intriguing for decor. There are so many variations for statues: in sizes, details, themes, materials that we seem to be at loss on what to choose. Some of statues are placed on the pedestal, while others are sort of emerging from the water. So the pond statue needs to be quite sturdy in terms of materials, as it is meant to be located at least partially in the water.

The objects portrayed in the pond statues range:, they can be people, animals, flowers, historic events or characters, folklore elements, literature characters and even memorial statues. Most often the themes for the pond statues are quite aquatic, ranging from mermaids, frogs, and fish to frightening monsters of the water, such as alligators. However, some creative minds take their skill to create something truly disturbing and mind blowing. Some like to create sea monsters emerging from the pond’s surface. Although it does seem rather creative, this can be quite upsetting if you prefer to stroll in your garden during the night.

Sometimes religious symbols or characters can also be encountered. For example a popular theme for a koi pond is a statue of Buddha or religious temples in their mini-versions. Also, among the most popular themes for European garden ponds seems to be a weeping girl or an angel that is kneeling down and praying, decorated with subtle Catholic symbols as well. So, look around these incredible pond statues and get your inspiration for your own garden pond.

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