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Marvelous Pond In Ideal English Garden

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It is really rare to see a balanced and ideal garden, but English gardens tend to be as perfect as they can get. The Drucker family inspired by the frequent visits to England has managed to reproduce a perfect English garden 18 miles away from Chicago downtown. Not only they have now incredibly landscaped garden, they also have as a beautiful pond focal point.

Incredible Pond Design

English Garden

Front Yard With Incredible Pond

Rosie and Bob Drucker had to tear up the whole garden in order to make a beautiful English yard. It was terrible, but a necessary act because the garden just didn’t feel right:

We both have green thumbs and grow beautiful plants, but something was missing — it didn’t feel like a garden.

English Garden

Garage Terrace View

And that’s when the landscaping expert came in. Douglas Hoerr has advised the Drucker family to tear up everything to start it over and commented on a charming cottage-styled house. As he recollects, he has envisioned a 6-foot masonry wall that would be enclosing the whole property area. When designing the garden layout he paid attention to things like the view from the windows where Druckers live and work. As noted by Hoerr about the owners:

They have the English spirit about gardening, the right attitude. They like to fuss, weed, fertilize — and rejoice in the process.

English Garden

Strict Lines Of English Garden

The main thing about English gardens is that they follow rather strict architectural guidelines avoiding curves as much as possible. It is essential to follow the rule of ‘squared beds show off rounded plants’ in order to create that charming English garden appeal. There were three formal parts that the garden was divided into: an allée of columnar beech trees with an incredible lawn; a formal garden of three boxwood parterres, and a terrace with a marvelous pond.

The pond is just simply perfect. Each detail is very delicate including the boxwood hedge and water lilies that live in it. Bob Druker’s daughter has designed a new exterior for the backyard, hiding the simple garage with a new appealing brick wall. The backyard opens astonishing view on the pond. It is also interesting to note that the pond place was to be taken up by “perennials and annuals” as indicated on Doug Hoerr’s original sketch. It is good that the Drucker family went for this marvelous pond instead.

English Garden

Pond View

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