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Koi Pond Waterfalls

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Koi ponds are beautiful water features that not only decorate your outdoor area, but give a sense of tranquility. To make the koi pond even more appealing try adding a waterfall feature and get inspired by the waterfall ideas presented in this post.

Koi Pond Waterfalls

Peacefull Koi Pond Waterfall

Pond Waterfall Inspiration

We have already covered various methods of making a DIY waterfall, however, few would know that there are actually numerous variations of the pond waterfall. First of all, you need to carefully design the layout of the waterfall, placing it on the highest natural elevation point.

Take into consideration the natural landscape of your area. Pick up the stones that are abundant nearby your place, so that you won’t have to buy them. They don’t have to be beautiful, just make sure they are fit for the project. Remember you can always cover up the ugly stones with beautiful ones. Once you are done thinking of the design it is time to think of something else.

Koi Pond Fish

Koi Pond Waterfall By Exlibris

The waterfall’s pump should not be too powerful, because it might hurt the fish. In the picture above we see the waterfall that is merely a landscaping feature that doesn’t affect the koi fish anyhow. We see that the waterfall is carefully placed between the huge boulders with a flat slate as a base.

Now, waterfalls can have as many levels as you want, however, it is a clever idea  not to use huge stones for the highest levels. In the example above we see the multilayered waterfall that unravels its beauty to the lowest level where it finally flows into the pond. This waterfall creates a focal point out of simple pile of rocks. Above all, koi pond waterfalls make sure that the water doesn’t get stagnant and changes all the time, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the koi fish.

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