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Keep Your Koi Pond Water Clean

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The water in which your Koi thrive and live is where they eat, sleep and feed, that’s why keeping your pond clean should be one of your top priorities. Having a clean pond will give your pets a stress free life, otherwise, if you have an unclean one, your fish will suffer and die.

Tips on maintaining your koi pond water clean

Choose the right size filtering system for your pond. If you’re inexperienced or unsure, opt for the bigger filtering system. Next, build a structure to keep your pond shaded if it gets a lot of direct sunlight, which can encourage algae growth. Alternatively, add foliage to help shade your pond, but be aware that koi will eat plants

Control algae growth in your koi pond by adding barley straw to your water. Alternatively, try using plants to filter the water or add chemicals to help keep the water clear. Learn about the difference in algae-controlling systems.

Add a ultra-violet sterilizer to your pond’s plumbing system for a low-maintenance way to control algae or if you have serious algae issues. A UV sterilizer kills the algae as it is pumped through the system. Test your pond often to make sure the water has a neutral pH. Ammonia from koi waste often throws off the balance of the pond.

Buy smaller amounts of fish because they can always spawn offspring in the future. Remember this: less fish, less waste! Or just remove some fish if your pond is overloaded.

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